Bella D’ora Spa Opens Pony & Braid Bar

From the runway to the red carpet, we love the creative and cutting-edge braids and ponytails that models and A-listers have been sporting. This new trend—check out our story on the great plait in the July issue—has also spurred an innovative salon offering. Enter the Pony & Braid Bar, launched by Bella D’ora Spa (Carlsbad, CA), where women can effortlessly receive a variety of braids and ponytails. Says co-owner Christine Alvarado, "These looks can be difficult to achieve on your own—anyone who has ever tried to braid the back of their head can vouch for that. That's why this service is vital to women who want to stand out in the crowd.” The new beauty spot, first of its kind in the San Diego area, is hosting an educational night with gift bags, light bites, and three different braids next Wednesday, Aug. 14. Pony & Braid Bar offers five different braid and ponytail styles that clients can customize with their hairdresser.

What do you think about the creative braid trend?