Biotone and Biofreeze Announce Grant Program

Biotone and Biofreeze announced the Helping Hands Gifts for Growth Grant Program designed to support professional massage therapy students in their educational pursuits and endeavors to launch their own practices. Students will be able to apply for one of four $1,000 grants, which may be used for program fees, books, supplies or products and equipment. Additionally, each winner’s school will receive a $500 grant and a $500 product package.

Growing market demands and client needs have progressively changed the role of the massage therapist over the years. As massage has grown to become part of mainstream healthcare, the therapist plays an increasingly important role in the overall wellness of clients. Growing specialties such as pain management or clinical sports massage require even more training.

Biotone and Biofreeze share a philanthropic spirit and a common goal of advancing the massage therapy profession. Over the years, the companies have contributed thousands of dollars of research and scholarships and donated products to community and charitable programs.

“We established this unique Helping Hands Gifts for Growth partnership to meet a growing demand for massage therapy services,” stated Jean Shea, President, Biotone. “By supporting students and the educational institutions they attend, we hope to enable more individuals to pursue massage therapy as a career.”

“Biofreeze has enjoyed tremendous success working in the massage and spa industry. We believe this is a real opportunity for us to be able to contribute to its strength and its future. The health of any profession ultimately rests on its vitality and education is key to that vitality,” said Marshall Dahneke, CEO, Performance Health, makers of Biofreeze. “Both companies have been involved in supporting continuing education and will continue to be. This is an expansion of our efforts with a focus on first time students.”