Blissful Bathing in New York

rose petal bathThe healing powers of a warm bath have always amazed me. A bath always seems medicinal when treating stress or a headache, especially when combined with soothing bath salts. The Royalton (New York City) is giving all spa-goers a chance to experience the therapeutic aspects of a bath with rose extract.

The hotel has just announced a new partnership with Australia-based CILK and SOAK Society to curate a one-of-a-kind bath ritual, Bubbles + Bubbles (starting at $259 per night), inviting guests to sip CILK rosewater while bathing in Soak Society’s therapeutic rose wellness salts. Available until Labor Day, the experience is exclusively for overnight guests who book the wellness package. “True to our ethos, our new Bubbles + Bubbles rosewater bath program reflects Royalton’s spirit of sexy creativity and wellness,” says general manager Bryan Woody. “The Royalton bathtubs have become an instant classic for guests to relax and unwind, so we want to share the appeal of this luxury amenity while introducing our guests to a very of-the-moment beauty ingredient and its health-boosting benefits.”

The rose extract hydrates, cleanses, sooths, and refreshes the skin, body, and mind. SOAK Society’s luxurious rose wellness salts, provided as a part of the package, is comprised of red rose petals and oils that tone skin imperfections, alongside active pink kaolin clay and pink Himalayan salts that soften and smooth the skin. Each bath is further enhanced with a soothing rose-scented bubble bath, a half bottle of Moet & Chandon Rosé champagne, and a Morgans Hotel Group limited edition coloring book, known to produce mindful benefits that mirror meditation.

Royalton’s bartenders also created a special CILK rosewater cocktail, Doves and Roses, comprised of Cazadores tequila blanco, CILK rosewater, basil, and grapefruit. The cocktail is available for purchase at Royalton’s popular Bar 44.

How does your spa enhance and promote bathing services and soaks?