Body Bliss Hires Business Development Manager

Thalia Walkup

Body Bliss, the leading natural product manufacturer for luxury spas, has appointed Thalia Walkup as business development manager. With extensive experience in wellness, including metabolic and personal training certifications, Walkup is well suited to grow Body Bliss’ core business while expanding into new markets. “Thalia adds a lot of depth and insight to our growing company,” says Nick James, founder and CEO. “Her educational background and interests are a very complementary fit with Body Bliss. She understands the natural products industry, and how to make aromatherapy accessible and profitable.”

Walkup is a doctor of chiropractic and acupuncturist who has owned several wellness clinics and a medical spa. Her initial business development goals for Body Bliss are to support current clients’ aromatherapy programs while creating brand awareness. “Body Bliss was formed with the express intention of creating products formulated using the purest, most effective ingredients, to enhance the health and wellbeing of therapist and guest alike,” says Walkup. “I intend to expand our audience, so that even more therapists and guests can experience the power of the most advanced aromatherapy products in their purest form. I see our opportunities in the spa industry as endless—especially in light of the continued growing wellness movement.”