"The spa industry can take a part in the growing industry for Baby Boomers and offer BOTOX treatments as a one stop shopping beauty day at their location," says SpaTrade expert Cheryl Whitman, a prominent medical spa consultant and founder of Beautiful Forever®. "In any town there are plastic surgeons or dermatologists who wants more cosmetic referrals, and what better place than the upscale spa client."

Botox is a purified protein that relaxes the muscles and is proven to notably reduce moderate to extreme facial wrinkles. It is administered via injection, which in turn blocks the nerve action that causes muscle contraction. The most common areas for treatment are between the eyes, the forehead, and around the eyes. The cost of this procedure is low, when considering the cost of elective cosmetic procedures in general, the total cost for one year falls between $975 to $4000, depending on areas treated and frequency of treatments.

Is Botox right for your spa? Many spas are answering yes, justifying that Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States and growing. "Botox will soon be a household name," says Whitman. The procedure also significantly contribute to the bottom line. "The going rate is for the spa to receive 20% of the booked services," says Whitman.


Only Successful Spas Need Apply

Your core business should be under control before you start adding additional services. Only a spa that is operating smoothly and running acceptable occupancies should consider adding Botox treatments. Quality attracts quality, and you will need a quality physician and quality clients with high disposable income to succeed.

Gauge Client Demand

Is there a demand for Botox treatments from YOUR clientele? Make sure the procedure fits with your spa's image and mission. Although Botox is injected in very low, diluted doses, and has been studied for years, some of your clients may be philosophically opposed to the procedure or feel it poses health risks, however unproven. Are the majority of your clients having or interested in having Botox treatments, or will they think of Botox injections as shooting poison into their third eye?

Partner with a Qualified Physician

The most important step in deciding to add this service is to find a qualified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, or plastic surgeon, since Botox can only be physician-administered. "Invite the doctor for a meeting to see your location, says Cheryl Whitman. "Ask if they will give you to start a half-day a week or month and you can book the room in which they supply the necessary nurse and BOTOX. It could encompass much more treatments and grow into surgery consults for facelifts. A physician affiliation is a good referral source and they can in turn send the spa pre and post peels and facial treatments."

The Devil is in the Details

Details like posting a Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on Botox in the spa can be easily overlooked. Spas need to consider OSHA standards in addition to State Board of Cosmetology requirements when adding treatments that introduce blood pathogens. Spas will need certain supplies and equipment onsite, such as a freezer to keep the Botox vials frozen until use. And the marketing effort can be substantial: spas should consider pre-booking Botox treatments, as it is expensive and has a short-shelf life.