Brazilian Longevity Center Adds Cutting-Edge Preventive Medicine Treatments

In the forefront of Preventive Medicine in Brazil, the
Kurotel — Longevity Center and Spa is adding five new tests and exams using the latest technology to diagnosis potential illness. A new treatment will be available to Kurotel guests every month.

The first one to be launched in April is the Gene Personal Guidance (about USD580), a genetic assessment that analyzes cardiovascular disease susceptibility allowing the physician to preventively act in the reversing risk
factors. In May, Computadorized Termography (about USD300) allows to assess body temperature premature changes, which can be the first evidences for eventual health injuries. In
June, through photometric analysis the Free Radical Analyzer System (about USD150) determinates free-radicals quantity in the blood, one of the main causes of the aging process and first stage of many diseases. In July, the Collagen Test (about USD140) assesses the collagen
quantity in the organism key-points and assists in the medical recommendations related to nutrition, cardiovascular and osteomuscular health. In August, the Bioresonance Test (about USD270) makes possible to identify premature changes in the organs and systems, which often
are not detected in imaging or lab tests. There is an increase possibility to treat the disease itself
and not only the symptoms, besides assisting to identify the correct intake of medication.

All of these innovations were specially developed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the award-winning Kurotel — Longevity Center and Spa and offer guests a world class spa experience.

About Kurotel - Longevity Center and Spa
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