Burt’s Bees and Fairmont Support the Bee Population in Canada

Fairmont Hotels build bee hotels to save Canadian bee population

Your resort guests expect an impeccable level of luxury when they visit. Staying in a hotel is a way to escape life as it usually is, with many plush perks. But why should humans have all the fun? The idea of animal hotels isn’t unheard of (my dog loves her dog hotel when we go on vacation!), but what about a hotel for bees?

This year, Fairmont hotels have built 16 bee hotels across Canada: some in Fairmont properties in Vancouver, Whistler, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Quebec City, and 10 others in various public spaces across the country. “We are incredibly proud of the progress made across Canada in partnership with Burt’s Bees and others to improve this conditions that contribute to bee health and urban food production,” says Alexandra Blum, vice president, public relations and global partnerships, FRHI Hotels & Resorts. Hotel guests (the human ones, that is!) are able to support the cause with the purchase of The Honeymoon Suite, a limited-edition kit that includes five Burt’s Bees products. 100 percent of the profits from the kit will go toward the country-wide expansion of the “Wild for Bees” hotel initiative.

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