10 Steps to Improve Your Online Markting

Step 1 - Conduct a Competitive Analysis

  A competitive analysis is a formal evaluation in which you
  review the businesses of one or more companies that compete,
  directly or indirectly, with your own. Online, competitors
  have access to each other's company information and
  marketing materials that they might not be able to gather
  as easily in the offline world. This allows for even greater
  opportunities to benefit from competitive analysis data.

Step 2 - Optimize Your Home Page and Landing Pages

  Before you drive traffic to your site, you need to make sure
  that it is optimized for the highest possible yield. You have
  just five seconds to capture your visitors' attention, focus
  their eye path, and drive them to a revenue-yielding click.
  66% of your sales are lost here.

Step 3 - Optimize Your Website Copy

  In addition to site design optimization, you should pay close
  attention to your site copy.

Step 4 - Implement Your Website Metrics

The Internet provides a wealth of useful data, and there are plenty of programs that you can use to guage the effectiveness of your marketing campaign

Step 5 - Improve Your Order Process

  More than 30% of all orders are abandoned in the shopping
  cart. $6.5 billion per year is lost due to poor cart design,
  unstable credit card processing, or weak follow-up. Improve
  your order process and you can double your revenue without
  spending one dollar more for advertising.

Step 6 - Develop Your Email Capture

  Before spending thousands of dollars with the pay-per-click
  engines, make sure that you are capturing the email addresses
  of as many visitors as possible. Why pay again to reach the
  same shopper? A smart email capture program can improve your
  pay-per-click return by as much as 50%.

Step 7 - Optimize Your Offer Pricing

  What if you could leverage a few simple tests to optimize the
  price of your online offer? How do you know if your price
  point is high enough to achieve maximum margins, but low
  enough to achieve maximum revenue? We tested three price
  points to maximize profit for our test site.

Step 8 - Set Up Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

  Experience suggests that the best way to begin your
  primary search engine work is to create an effective Google
  AdWords campaign. We generally use the data from this
  campaign to prepare all of our other search engine plans.
  It can be the least expensive and most data-rich testing
  platform. Read how we achieved at 1200% ROI and get our
  step-by-step blueprint for success.

  Overture can drive significant traffic to your site. The
  key is to control your bid pricing. Read how we reduced our
  average costs from $1.52 to $0.25 per click. Get our
  step-by-step blueprint for an effective Overture campaign.

Step 9 - Optimize Your Website for Natural Search Enginesand Implement a Linking Campaign

dynamic web pages will be indexed by search engines. The most
 effective techniques you should keep in mind when optimizing web pages is proper use of keyword phrases  throughout your site

Step 10 - Utilize Permission-based Email Marketing

Dollar per dollar, email marketing is the most cost effective way to reach out to your current clients.  Avoid sending unsolicited emails.



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