10 Tips for Marketing Wellness and Inner Fitness to Your Clients

By Carole Schor Bowman

1. Offer monthly or weekly presentations by local practitioners on such topics as nutrition, meditation, breathing, the benefits of pregnancy or infant massage, or stress reduction.

2. Establish a referral service with local gyms, yoga studios and holistic health practitioners. Look into the possibility of co-op advertising with these resources.

3. Create a newsletter featuring wellness and fitness tips and articles, as well as treatment and product updates. Hire an expert to do this for you if you do not have the time or desire to do it.

4. Invite the local media to a wellness presentation. Editors and broadcasters always are looking for emerging trends and new approaches to use in their newspapers or on the air.

5. Organize a focus group of your highest users and most important clients to see what types of wellness/inner fitness programs might interest them.

6. Offer discounted wellness or nutritional coaching sessions to your team members. The better informed these people are, the better able they will be to sell more products and related services.

7. Speak about mind/body wellness at local organizations. Spread the knowledge of how people can improve their quality of life and maximize their potential.

8. Offer stress relief packages, including one treatment and one wellness consultation, to local charities. Charities always are looking for donations for silent auctions. A basket of your products, or a gift certificate for a wellness or nutritional consultation is an inexpensive way to get free advertising.

9. Sell wellness products-juices, healthy bars, CDs, books and supplements-to increase retail profits. Make sure to have educational material that stresses the benefits of these products. Create an ongoing discussion group, in-house or on-line, for women and men to share their thoughts on stress, wellness and fitness. Act as the educated, more knowledgeable moderators who can help them make the right choices.

10. Informing clients and their friends, families and business associates on how to implement wellness into their everyday life will have an excellent impact on your client base and retail profits. Everyone wants to look healthy and feel young forever. Teach your clients that this can be their reward is they eat right, exercise, stay positive and use your products. Share the feeling that even though they might be getting older, they are looking better, feeling healthier and having so much more fun. Create a local one stop holistic healing center at your spa, sit back and enjoy the pleasures of your newfound knowledge, as well as an increased client base and higher profits.