20 Steps to Boost Direct Mail Profits

By Jay Conrad Levinson, founder Guerrilla Marketing www.guerillamarketingassociation.com

1. Decide exactly to whom you will be mailing. This is the first step and the most important step. Do this one wrong and nothing else will go right.

2. Decide which specific action you want your reader to take.

3. Create an outer envelope or other packaging for your mailing. Its primary goal is to get people to open it and study the contents.

4. Come up with an offer that your prospects can't possibly ignore.

5. Write a headline and P.S. that compel your prospect to read your letter.

6. Describe your offer in the most enticing terms possible.

7. Explain the results your offer will deliver, the main benefit it provides.

8. Explain why your offer makes so much sense to your prospect.

9. Give your prospect other key benefits of your offer.

10. Show that you know who your prospect is.

11. Describe the key features of what you are offering.

12. Make it irresistible to take action right now.

13. Tell your prospect the exact steps to take.

14. Set measurable goals.

15. Make a plan for your follow-up -- either mailing or phoning.

16. Track your results.

17. Improve results by increasing what's working, eliminating what's not.

18. Consider bolstering your direct mail with e-mail, fax, or Fedex.

19. Identify new markets you can tap.

20. Increase your sales and profits with better copywriting throughout.