2006 Top 10 Best Spa Practices

by Leslie Lyon, Spas2B  www.spas2b.com

1.  Monitor Top 3 Priorities

Staffing - Maintain a deep pool of talent with ongoing recruiting, evaluations and fine-tuning. 
Finances - Compare service and retail projections to actuals - weekly, monthly and annually.
Customer Attraction - Graph your seasonality - always plan campaigns two months in advance of slow times, i.e., Print Christmas brochure with January specials.

2.  Involve & Evolve Staff
Share business pitfalls and windfalls.  Train in advance of all promos and intros.  Ask staff to write their own Job Descriptions. Ask what they need to succeed; don't set them up for failure by not giving them the tools.  Endorse deliberate development.

3.  Develop & Envelop Clients
Evaluate and refresh "Service Opportunities" often; tell clients what you SEE & HAVE; always pre-book the next visit; get VIP's in for promos first; promote "programmed" skin care; set goals; get clients' permission to educate - recommendations become service extensions, and not a sale.

4.  Watch the Trends
Stay progressive by understanding globalization, current technological revolution, economic changes, environmental concerns, customer priorities, and staff demands.

5. Know your Competition
Know their 4 P's - price, product, promotions and placement. Never copy or steal from a competitor; keep your business ethics intact.  Be "faster paced" and not "fear based." When they ying, you yang.

6. Manage the Money
Promote high margin services only; sell services that generate retail; adjust staff commissions if discounting; up-charge spa packages; pay staff based on performance; up-sell service add-ons; cross-sell aggressively; use perceived value to increase prices; control staff usage.

7. Be a Leader with Presence
Walk the floor; get involved; engage one on one; recognize accomplishments publicly; know what each staff holds important; teach something to your staff daily; learn something from your staff daily; encourage them to do the same; reward good behavior.

8.  Think it, Ink it, Get it Signed
Show you mean business by having your staff sign an Offer of Employment; Probationary Agreement; Spa Policies, including Behavioral Conduct; Service Procedures; Job Descriptions; Evaluations; Compensation Packages; and Privacy and Non-Compete Agreements.

9.  Get Online
An online pre-visit or phone call to your spa may prompt an online purchase or booking later. Spa goers visiting your city may find out about you online. email programs and campaigns take almost no time or money and show you are on the fast track, not the extinction list!

10.  Take care of You
Be self-ish, not selfish. Your ability to shed a positive light will be the single most important thing you do.