3 Reasons Why your Spa needs a Better Facebook Presence

Your Spa has a Page on Facebook with a handful of people "liking" your Page. You know something is missing, but you are not sure why or even how to fix the problem. I am going to tell you the missing sauce is "strategy" and the missing flavor is "training." Why should you invest in this?

  1. There are 750 million active users on Facebook with more than 350 million logging in on any given day. More important, they are sharing 30 billion pieces of information per month. Are they sharing your content?

  2. People are spending 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Do we care if they spend time on your website or engaging with you on Facebook? Do you want them to look at your web page or participate in conversation with you on Facebook?

  3. The average Facebook user has 130 friends and creates 90 pieces of content per month. If you asked people walking into your Spa how many friends they have, you will get answers ranging from 3-10 friends. Yet, there is a potential referral network of 130 friends attached to that person on Facebook. Do you want to grow the customer base of your spa based on referrals?

Strategy and Education are critical to improving your spa's presence on Facebook, empowering you to drive real world traffic and appointments to your spa from Facebook, what are you waiting for?


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