3 Steps to Improving Employee Performance

Hire Smart

The best way to have good employees is to choose good employees. "Cast a wide net" by placing classified ads in regional papers and local trade journals, and posting job openings in food co-ops, health food stores, and New Age bookstores. Network with product representatives, massage and aesthetics schools. Be on the lookout at trade shows and advanced training seminars.

Look for people who are passionate and committed. A pre-qualification questionnaire will help with the decision process. "Preston Wynne has an extensive interviewing process that includes personality testing, says Borgman. "The tests help identify people who are better team players."

Communicate Clearly and Consistently

Clear verbal and written communication is the key to a healthy working environment.  In the words of business expert Verne Harnis, "Like parenting, to be a good boss you need to have a handful of rules and repeat yourself a lot." A good employee manual is a must, but also keep the channels of communication flowing by leaving messages on dry erase boards in strategic areas, putting staff memos in paychecks, and arranging quarterly breakfast meetings. "Share your five year game plan so that they can get excited about the future," says Borgman.

Beware of the subtly messages relayed by your choice of language. "I don't refer to my female employees as 'girls', which is incredibly common in our industry (a vestige of our 'pink-collar; roots.) No one calls the male employees 'boys'!"

Compensation Counts

A well-designed compensation structure leads to a healthy and successful business, while a poor compensation plan can quickly drive a spa out of business. A spa therapists' compensation must be tied to selling retail, turning treatment rooms, and attending meetings in addition to delivering treatments. Provide a wide range of employee benefits such as health insurance, 401-K, vacation, sick days, and continuing education.