3 Tips to Build your Community on the FaceBook Page for your Spa

You know your customers are on FaceBook, but there is very little activity on the official Page you set up on FaceBook for your Spa. Maybe 200 people have liked your Page, but it feels like a ghost town. What gives? You need a critical mass, develop and implement a strategy to build your community intentionally.

  1. Adjust your messaging, tone down the sales and tone up the education. Your community needs the knowledge you have!

  2. Implement FaceBook Places and Deals, get your customers "Checking In" on their phones - give them loyalty deals! When they check in 4 times in a month they get a 25% off coupon on the hair product of their choice. The key to this technique working is you have to have your front of house staff getting people to check-in!!!

  3. Get "After" Pictures with your staff and customers, load these up on FaceBook regularly. We love to look at photos, make your customers feel like celebrities! You must be friends with the people to tag them, as you tag them you open up your community to your second degree network, the friends of your clients!!!

Do you have a strategy for how you are going to use FaceBook in 2011 to grow your business and revenue?

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