5 Digital Platforms and How to Maximize Results


In today's competitive Spa market it is important to make sure you are doing everything to touch your target market in a very specific way that will resonate. Any sound Marketing Plan includes a strong digital approach.

The digital effort requires an attention to detail not quite necessary when dealing with print and other similar Marketing platforms. The digital age is an instantaneous one and needs to be nurtured accordingly.

Below are 5 different digital mediums and the appropriate steps to maintain  consumer engagements through these efforts.

1. Spa Website or Microsite- The Golden rule is to make sure to update your site weekly. It is important to post specials be it for upcoming holidays, seasonal promotions or just to keep things fresh. Make sure to be updating your site once a week, even if it is a small change. Nothing gets old faster then an old website without new and fresh content to engage consumers with.

2. Facebook- This is a fantastic medium, especially when you do not have a standalone website for your Spa. However, even if you do have a site you should have a FB page. This must be attended to daily. It is not necessary to have new posts daily but someone must maintain FB daily by addressing questions, comments and feedback from consumers. It is very important to respond to FB posts in a timely manner.  In the digital age “you snooze, you lose” are words to live by. FB is also an incredible way to communicate new specials or “client only” packages.

3. Yelp- If you are not familiar with Yelp you need to get familiar with it quickly. In this day and age of online connections and free flowing communication it is important to manage the reviews of your business. Yelp is an online community where consumers leave reviews regarding their experience at your establishment. What is great about Yelp is that it also allows the business to post a response to the “review”. It is imperative to manage both your positive and negative feedback. Address areas of concern immediately. This should be monitored daily.

4. Twitter- Instantaneous communication. There is no better way to speak to your “clients” then through Twitter. If you have savvy clients who are engaged digitally and on Twitter you want to get them to follow you. Twitter is similar to Facebook that it must be monitored daily and communications to your clientele should be limited to Specials and News only and should go out like a regular twice a week blast.

5. Daily Deal Sites- The Daily Deal has been all the rage the past few years.  They have become very controversial because many claim they attract the wrong type of guest. When using these platforms you must manage your expectations, build the proper promotion and follow up the initial loss leader with a second promotion that keeps them coming back. The only way the Groupons and Living Socials of the world work are by not “giving away the house” in the initial promotion. For example offer 2 sessions of a 5 session package. Then after they come in for their first visit make sure to have a special follow up promo just for that group from your Daily Deal promotion. It is important to make their transition to your establishment painless. That means the first 2-3 visits should present a true value opportunity to get them in the door. Finally, you must TRACK all your promo results. A conversion of 4 our of 10 is fantastic so make sure to know what you are trying to accomplish.


As you can see a sound digital approach requires a lot of attention. It is a good idea to assign these tasks as part of the daily responsibilities. If you want to survive in a year 2012 environment it is important to be maximizing all of the above digital efforts. One of the key attributes to all of the above are that they are FREE from a monetary perspective but can cost you a lot from a customer service perspective if not managed correctly.