5 Ideas To Build Engagement for your Spa on Facebook


If you haven't realized it yet, Facebook is the most important marketing avenue for your Spa since the first websites were made. All of the technology to get people walking into your door and buying new services is sitting right on your Facebook page. With over 900 million people on Facebook and at least half of them women, you have to take a deeper dive into your Spa's Facebook presence. Are you ready?

  1. Timeline - This gift from Facebook is your friend! You should update your Timeline photo monthly or even weekly. This is a great way to gently touch your network with a soothing gorgeous photo. Timeline is still new and Facebook is promoting changes to your cover photo in the news feed of the people who like your page. Make this work for you, keep the photos beautiful and inspiring!
  2. Instagram - Facebook has blessed this application for your iPhone or Android phone by buying it. You can take photos, edit them easily on your phone so they look cool and easily share them on your Spa's Facebook Page. Your new iPhone has a great camera, put it to work!
  3. Share - The research and articles you come across in your day are valuable to your clients. Use Facebook to Share these articles and promote products you sell and use at the Spa. As a Page you will have to "Use Facebook as a Page," to Share content from other Pages. When you Share content you give permission to the people who Like your Page to Share your content, lead by example!
  4. Video - This is the future of the social web, start practicing now so you are ready! There are 3 billion videos watched a day on YouTube. What does this mean? You have to start using your iPhone to take short 1 minute videos educating your clients and being a positive force in their lives. Keep your videos simple, but make sure your "camera person" holds the iPhone steady and keeps the background looking clean and appealing in your shot. You have to be conscious of the ambient sound and make sure you speak loud enough to get a good clean audio track. People will watch bad videos with decent sound and stop amazing videos with horrible sound. Short videos will load easily from your phone to YouTube and be easy to share on Facebook and even embed on your website. 
  5. Educate - You have years of knowledge and training sitting inside of your head. Start using your status updates to educate the people who Like your Page, give them the tools to lead happier more satisfied lives. We are all addicted to happiness, if you can create emotional happiness for your clients via Facebook they will be booking services at your Spa, taking a deeper dive for physical well being. 

The ideas above all encourage you to use an iPhone or something like it to gather content for your social strategy. If you have avoided upgrading your phone, you are missing out on better quality photos and amazing quality video. Investing in the newest iPad is a simple and effective solution. Lay a strong foundation for your content driven social media strategy, the key to your success is the quality of the content you create!