5 Psychological Triggers that Make People Respond

Want to get new clients into your door or reactivate clients that you haven't seen in awhile? What owner/manager in her right mind wouldn't?

To get people to take action, communicate with them using these five simple psychological triggers.

Trigger #1: People are naturally curious. They'll go to great lengths to know information that other people don't know.

Trigger #2: People are natural consumers. They like to buy. So if you take the risk away from their taking action, they'll be much more apt to respond to your offer.

Trigger #3: People are turned off by traditional sales-based ads. They don't want another sales pitch coming their way. They want information that is useful and will benefit them as consumers (in their quest to get a great deal). The facts are that people are 7 times more likely to read a traditional news oriented editorial than they are an ad.

Trigger #4: People will pay attention to things that directly affect them. If they're tuned into the WIIFM (What's In It For Me) channel, make sure you broadcast on their frequency. For example, if someone is concerned about thinning hair, they'll read everything they can get their hands on about it. If they're not, they won't read it at all.

Trigger #5: People can't resist a free offer. It's the oldest thing in the books, they have no risk in responding to something for free. The highest response rates are from free offers and it doesn't look as if it's about to change.

Each of these triggers compels an average person to take action. Try using the triggers to create an "advertorial" (this is a cross between editorial and advertising) that will bring in the type of potential long-term clients you are looking for.

By Andrew Finkelstein, The Beauty Resource