5 Tips For Successful Spa Desk Training

Wizards Hair Spa SalonWell-trained spa desk associates are the gatekeepers to your business’ success.  Studies have shown the most successful, productive employees are those who have received thorough training.  Moreover, they tend to be more committed to their jobs and have the strongest stake in the company’s future.

By that token, a company must make a cultural commitment to training.  Not only does instruction arm your spa desk with needed professional and technical skills, but it also shows that you are invested in the individuals and interested in bringing them with you into the company’s future.  This keeps them motivated and involved.

As you embark on a standard training program at your own spa desk, follow these 5 helpful tips:

  1. Training as an investment:  Training is often considered optional at spas because it is regarded as an expense.  While it’s true that training can be costly up-front, it is a long-term investment in the growth and development of your human resources.
  2. Determine your needs:   Since you likely finite resources to establish and execute a training program, you should decide early on what your focus will be.  Which skills are most pertinent to current or future spa needs? Which skills will provide the biggest payback? Ask yourself these questions again as your business needs change.
  3. Find the right space:  Select a training location that’s conducive to learning. Choose an environment that’s quiet and roomy enough to spread out materials. Make sure the space is equipped with a computer if needed, so you can demo real world situations.
  4. Make it ongoing:  Don’t limit training to new hires only. Organized, ongoing training sessions will maintain skill levels, and motivate employees to grow and improve professionally.
  5. Measure results:  Without measurable results, it’s almost impossible to view training as anything but an expense. Determine what kind of growth is a reasonable result of the training you provide. For example, monitor whether spa desk attendants are booking treatments with higher profit margins following a role-playing exercise. You’ll have an easier time budgeting funds for future training if you can demonstrate concrete results.