The 5 Types of New Affluent Consumers

Here are the five personality types of new luxury consumers, according to Unity Marketing:

  1. X-Fluents (Extremely Affluent) who spend the most on luxury and are most highly invested in luxury living. In the webinar you will learn whythe share of X-Fluents is on the rise in the current market, as other personality types drop out of the overall luxury market.  Learn the clues and cues to identify the X-Fluents and the 'hot buttons' that will move them to buy.
  2. Butterflies, the most highly evolved luxury consumers who have emerged from their luxury cocoons with a passion to reconnect with the outside world.  Powered by a search for meaning and new experiences, the Butterflies have the least materialistic orientation among the segments. Learn how to encourage this post-materialistic consumer to buy high-end material goods.
  3. Luxury Cocooners who are focused on hearth and home. They spend most of their luxury budgets on home-related purchases.  Find out how to recognize a Cocooner and what you can do to make the sale.
  4. Aspirers, those luxury consumers who have not yet achieved the level of luxury to which they aspire. They are highly attuned to brands and believe luxury is best expressed in what they buy and what they own.  Discover how to connect more effectively with this consumer who gains status by linking with your brand.
  5. Temperate Pragmatists, a newly emerged luxury consumer who is not all that involved in the luxury lifestyle.  As their name implies, they are careful spenders and not given to luxury indulgence.  Learn why this customer could be your 'worst nightmare' or the key to your future as a luxury marketer.