50 Things your Clients LOVE to Hear

Let’s bring some music to our clients ears!

You’ll recall reading our blog awhile back titled “50 Things your Clients NEVER Want to Hear“.  As you compare those unenthused ‘one liners’ with these genuinely enthusiastic responses below, you will see that closed minds close doors; open minds open opportunities.  

Take your wow factor from just visual, to fully mindful and watch your business grow. 

Note:  The customer comps/solutions we have provided below may not match your philosophy.  Design your systems to complement your culture!

Taking care takes longer, but your results are much stronger.

1.     Welcome Ms. Guest, it’s so nice to see you again!

2.     That service promo was a time sensitive offer and has unfortunately ended.  We do however, have a very special treatment on our spa menu that will provide everything the service promo offered, but with many additional benefits.  Would you like to hear more about it? 

3.     That day is fully booked, but I can certainly notify you if an appointment opens up.  In the mean time, may I tell you what we do have available?  I’m sure we can find you a great alternative. 

4.     Let me double check to see if we have some more of that item in the back.  If not, we will either order it in for you, or find you the perfect alternative.

5.     Come with me,  I’ll show you where it is.

6.     Here it is.  Yes, the sale ended yesterday, but I will check to see if we can still honor the sale price for you.

7.     We do close early on Saturdays, but we are sometimes able to consider late requests.  May I call you back once I have an answer?  In the meantime, would you like me to check availability so that we can secure your next best option?

8.     Yes we do have a website.  We have a great blog full of tips and trends; a spa educational calendar; FAQs, Newsletter  sign up; as well as information on all of our services, products and staff, including online booking. 

9.     What service would I suggest?  May I first ask what challenges you are facing and what outcomes you are looking for?

10.  We always work hard at meeting our guest’s multiple booking requests.  Can you give us a couple of options that you would consider?  I will make your request a priority and get back to you by ______. 

11.   We don’t have a female therapist booked for that day, but we will do our best to bring one in if at all possible.  If  not, would you be willing to give Dave a try?  He is a respected professional with a large female clientele.  No?  Ok, why don’t we secure an alternative date for you, just in case.  

12.   I’m sorry there was no mention that you had requested a female therapist for today.  Dave is an exceptional therapist, with an outstanding reputation and he can take you now.  If you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you your next massage for free.

13.   Unfortunately Sarah is no longer with us.  But Melanie is currently available at that time.  She is among the best of our spa professionals, fully trained to handle all of your exacting needs. 

14.   As a professional courtesy to our guests, we are committed to starting all appointments on time.  As a result, late arrivals must also finish on time.  If there is available time at the end of your appointment however, we are happy to extend your appointment.

15.   I don’t see that you have been booked for a massage today, my sincere apologies for this misunderstanding.  I do however, have a fantastic body wrap experience available, that includes a massage.  Would you like to enjoy that treatment today?   

16.   Since we don’t have this one in your size, why don’t I show you some similar styles that you may like. 

17.   Of course, let me get a robe that is a more comfortable fit for you.

18.   Yes, we do have a small selection of petite slippers.  Let me get a pair for you.

19.   It’s true, our robes don’t have pockets.  This way you have nothing to worry about while you are enjoying your spa services.  Your locker is close by however, and we are at your service should you need anything at all.

20.  I have been looking forward to your arrival Ms. Guest!

21.   Please follow me, I am very excited to get started!

22.   To protect us both, we always wear a masque during facial treatments.

23.   I’m not certain of the answer to your question, but I will find out and let you know as soon as I do.

24.   We are not licensed to serve liquor, but we do offer a nice variety of delicious and nutritious beverages that I’m sure you will enjoy.  What fruits are your favorite?

25.   You look like you may have a question or concern that I can help you with. 

26.   We use an unscented hand cleanser between clients, as well as all other activities that are necessary outside of the treatment room during your service.

27.   I see you have an allergy to _______.  You can be assured that there is nothing used in this treatment or present in this room that will trigger a reaction.

28.   I see you have removed your contact lenses, thank you.

29.   We have been well trained to understand and avoid risks in all cases, by following professionally developed service protocols. 

30.  Your skin type can be described as ______, and your treatment today will address the challenges that those conditions are presenting.  We will also discuss home care so that we can get those challenges under control, to improve the appearance and overall health of your skin.

31.   I know that you requested the _________ treatment, but with the current condition of your skin, it would be a better decision for us to do the  _________ treatment today.  

32.   Are any of the lights in this room too bright or too dim for you? 

33.   Does this water temperature feel too hot or too cool?

34.   You have a beautiful healthy glow today! 

35.   Your health and safety are important to us, so we don’t wear nail polish, we keep our nails filed and our hands meticulously clean.  

36.   Before we get started, I will test the temperature of the wax to ensure you will never be burned.

37.   Here is a mirror so that you can check to see if you are satisfied with the results.

38.   I have placed your slippers beside the treatment table so that you can slip your feet right into them as you get off the bed.

39.   To avoid your makeup running during treatments and while you’re in humid conditions, would you like me to remove your makeup now, prior to starting your services? 

40.  We have signage posted throughout the spa to ensure you know where you are going at all times.  

41.   There is one area suitable for nude female sunbathing, which you can access with this code.

42.   Would you like to use the ladies room prior to starting your service?  Let me show you where the closest one is.

43.   Your husband is here.  We have provided him with a robe and he is now relaxing in the whirlpool until you are finished with your treatments.

44.   Your wife asked us to tell you she is enjoying the best spa services ever and is being treated like a queen.

45.   Yes, it is a co-ed lounge area, but for those who prefer a little more privacy, we have a small curtained off area that you can relax in.

46.   I believe you must have been looking at old prices.  With our new price schedule, you will now enjoy many new, additional value incentives and benefits.

47.   Yes, we do take both debit and credit cards.

48.   Yes, we do take tips on credit cards.

49.   You will be very pleased you chose the lovely service add-on your therapist recommended.  It will help maintain the benefits of your treatment even longer.  

50.  Just so you understand, let me explain how our gratuity system works.