50 Things your clients NEVER want to hear


Servitude is an Attitude…Do you know how your spa rates?

Ok, this list is a bit out there, but behind these comments you know there’s a lot of hidden truths…

Here are the top 50 Things your clients NEVER want to hear:

1.     Oh yes, now I remember you

2.     That service was available for a limited time only

3.     No, we’re booked solid

4.     If you don’t see it we’re probably sold out

5.     If we have it, it will be over there

6.     Oh, you found it. No, the sale ended yesterday

7.     We close early on Saturdays

8.     We don’t have a website yet

9.     What service would I suggest? What about a make-over?

10.  We can take two of you at 10:00 and one at 11:00

11.   We have no female massage therapists in that day

12.   Rob will be right in…what? you asked for a female? no one told me that

13.   Oh, Sarah quit. No, I don’t know where she went.

14.   Late arrivals still finish on time

15.   No, I don’t have you down for today…are you sure you have the right day?

16.   We don’t have it in your size, shape or color

17.   No, that is the largest robe we have

18.   No, those are our smallest slippers

19.   No, we don’t have any robes with pockets

20.  I’m sorry I’m late, my car caught fire

21.   My boyfriend got arrested so I’m a bit useless today

22.   I think I’m getting something..snif

23.   I don’t know

24.   We’re not licensed to serve liquor but I won’t tell if you don’t..maybe I’ll even join you

25.   I’ll be right with you, I just have to finish this text

26.   I hope I don’t smell like smoke?

27.   You never mentioned you had allergies

28.   Did you take out your contacts?

29.   That might bruise

30.  What skin type are you?

31.   How do you want me to do this?

32.   I know, that darned ceiling potlight shines right in your eyes doesn’t it

33.   Whoops, that water is a tad hot isn’t it

34.   When are you due?

35.   I meant to trim my nails, sorry about that

36.   Did I burn you?

37.   No, unfortunately this room doesn’t have a mirror

38.   Where did you put your slippers?

39.   You have mascara on your cheeks

40.  Did you know you are in the men’s wet floor area?

41.   This area is not for nude sunbathing, please put your bathing suit back on

42.   When you head into the washroom, mention my name, you’ll get a good seat

43.   Your husband just asked me to tell you to hurry up

44.   Please follow me, your wife slipped and fell

45.   Yes, it is our only lounge area, and yes, it is co-ed

46.   Oh, those were old prices

47.   We only take cash

48.   We don’t take tips on credit cards

49.   No, that was a service add-on and comes with a charge

50.  Yes, we take an automatic 20% gratuity, I’m sorry you also tipped.