6 Simple Steps to Service Excellence

So many owners/managers talk about how their businesses give superior service than their competitors. However, ask them how they achieve this superior service and the room will go silent.

To deliver the level of service you envision and your clients' value, you'll want to make everything you do reflect excellent salon service.

  • Prepare a written one-page document detailing the principles of your business' customer service. Post it in strategic places throughout the salon/day spa.
  • Make sure your employees share the vision of how critical customer service is to the salon/day spa's success. Tell them exactly what kind of performance you expect of them and reward them for delivering it.
  • Make every aspect of your service extra special. When a client walks in for the first time, always address them by name. Make sure every professional the client meets introduces himself or herself to the client and remembers to use the client's name and make them feel important.
  • Consult clients before delivering any service and make sure you ask them what their biggest challenges are. Ask them what they like the most about their skin, hair, nails, etc. Listen and make eye contact, nod when you understand and focus your energy on them.
  • Create tangible value for your clients during the entire salon/day spa experience. Put yourself in their shoes and conduct a salon sensory test (SST). Pretend you are a new client and walk through each step of the client's experience. Stand where the client stands. Sit where the client sits and look at everything through the client's eyes. Observe carefully and take notes.
  • What does the client see?
  • What does the client hear?
  • What does the client smell?
  • What does the client taste?
  • What does the client feel?

Notice what's missing. For example, if they taste nothing, you may want to add a gourmet coffee service. The more positive sensations your clients feel, the better they'll perceive the salon/day spa experience.

  • Keep in touch with marketing—use the phone, post card, and email—consistency is the key!
  • Always respond immediately to all dissatisfied customers and recover quickly. If something's gone wrong, address it immediately. Don't point fingers and make every special effort possible to recover. Assure them the problem won't happen again. Then do everything you can to change the service in that area to improve it. Never argue with a client. Remember, a client is always right even when they're not.

By Andrew Finkelstein, The Beauty Resource www.thebeautyresource.com