7 Hints to Implement Eco-friendly Practices in Your Spa

  1. Switch to energy efficient lighting and fixtures. The EPA's Energy Star program has opened the door to luxuriously-styled, decorative lighting fixtures that use 1/3 the energy consumed by standard fixtures. By using less energy, we release less green house gas emissions.
  2. Install low-flow, water-conservative shower heads and aerators. Reduce your impact even more by installing low-flow toilets and sinks.
  3. Use non-toxic cleansers and paints. Companies like Eco Lab have a full line of industrial cleaning products that are green-friendly.
  4. Provide organic, unbleached bedding and linens. Conventional cotton farming practices alone produce more that 25% of all the pesticides in the US. Choose sustainable fabrics like bamboo or birch fiber for linens and robes. Sell apparel in your boutique made out of eco-friendly alternatives.
  5. Purchase wood furniture made from recycled wood or wood from renewable forests. Also, keep in mind that compression board gets sprayed with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.
  6. Add recycling bins in common areas. Better yet, use 3-compartment waste bins in guests' rooms—glass/plastic, paper, and trash.
  7. f you really want to go that eco-extra mile, try getting evaluated through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. You can also hire LEED certified architects or designers to help setup a road map to greening your hotel.