7 Tactics to Hire High Performers (and Avoid Low Performers)

Hiring Best Practice #1: Hire for more than skills.  Skills are important, but that's not why new hires fail.  New hires fail because they're not coachable, not motivated, lack emotional IQ, and other attitude issues.  You'll learn the best interview questions to reveal these tough-to-discover "attitudes."

Hiring Best Practice #2: Stop asking common interview questions.  Every candidate has canned answers for questions like "Tell me about yourself?" or "What are your weaknesses?"  You'll learn how to ask questions they're not ready for and to design questions specific to your company.

Hiring Best Practice #3: Assess if they're coachable.  If they can't improve, you can't hire them.  You'll learn to assess coachability in the interview (and avoid the pain of trying to fire them months later).

Hiring Best Practice #4: Discover what separates stars and slackers. Before you can hire high performers (and avoid low performers) you've got to know what distinguishes them.  Hint: It's not technical skills.  You'll learn how to assess your own stars and slackers to find the secret qualities that determine success in your company.

Hiring Best Practice #5: Assess candidates critically.  The typical hiring decision is made in the first 5 minutes of the interview.  And that's a recipe for hiring disasters.  You'll learn a quantitative process for distinguishing between stars and slackers and scoring your interviews.

Hiring Best Practice #6: Spot the liars.  Most hiring managers go into interviews without knowing what the "right" answers should sound like.  But how can you spot lies and bad answers without knowing what the right answers sound like? We'll show you how to develop your answer key so you can grade every candidate with greater accuracy.

Hiring Best Practice #7: Dig deep, not wide.  The typical interview is less than 60 minutes.  And that's far too short to cover every job on their resume.  You'll learn what interview topics are critically important so you don't waste precious time on unimportant issues. 

From Leadership IQ's 50-minute webcast Hiring the Best (and Avoiding the Worst). www.leadershipiq.com