Are You Ready for the Press?


There are all kinds of ways to be noticed and one is by being featured in a magazine for consumers like a mention in the beauty bible (we fans call) Allure Magazine. I always wondered and so have other professionals and spas too. Most of the time press in magazines occurs from representation by a public relations firm. In this case it was not. Lucky beauty business owner!

Here’s an interview with beauty business owner and free-lance makeup artist Anais Guerra on how she got in the Allure directory for her amazing makeup lessons and bridal beauty.

  •  How did they contact you?

By phone, a client gave them my number.


  • Staff from NYC or in your town?

In my town, Miami.


  • What did they ask of you?

Tips for a natural makeup look.


  • Did they simply book an appt. with you and not tell you who they were or where they were from?

No, they told me it was for Allure Magazine from the beginning.


  • How long did they spend with you?

About 20 minutes on the phone.


  • What did you do for them?

Did you charge them? No, I didn’t have to do anything… just talk about makeup ;)


  • Did they tell you would be featured in ALLURE magazine?



  • What advice do you have to other professionals on your experience?

Be ready for anything!


  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?  How long have you been in the business? What do you do to be noticed in your field?

I decided I wanted to become a Professional Makeup Artist about 2 years ago.  I went to beauty school and makeup school, and little by little was able to buy the makeup/products/brushes etc. I needed to start my career as a Freelance Makeup Artist.  I’ve been in the business for about a year now and was honored to be featured as one of Allure Magazine’s Up-and-Comers in their January 2012 Issue.  To be noticed in the business I created my own website ( and I started a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page under Makeup by Anais.  I try to update my work and keep in touch with my clients on these sites regularly.  It has also been a lot of word of mouth.  I have enjoyed the ride so far and learn more and more every day to try to be the best I can be!


I so enjoyed interviewing this beauty business owner for you.

If you want to be a success, you have to be ready for press. Make time for them. You may only be called once.

The key is to be ready…you never know who will call you. Do you?


Sometimes it's not who you know but  who knows you that gets you success with press.


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