Are you ready for your close-up?

You never know when you, your spa or salon will be called upon to be in the limelight. It may be a feature in a magazine, a video, a Skype interview, a TV Morning show, or an interview for a website Blog. You never know and you must be ready.  Are you?  Really?

A photograph shouts volumes and a picture is worth 1,000 words.  So is your face and style and the way you look. If you do not have one, get a photograph done professionally.  If your photo is 10 or  20 years old, update it.  No, a cell phone photo or a friend or employee taking a photo on a basic camera  will not work.  It must be professional and  high quality.

Before you are photographed: See a stylist for a fresh new cut and style. You may not wear makeup regularly, but for a photograph a little makeup provides a polished and pretty look.  My mantra is ‘A woman without lipstick is like a day without sunshine”...wear a bright one.

*Guys you have to as well just not like the girls and you do not need “manscara”. You DO need a powdered complexion to even out your complexion and tone down shine. If you are bald or have a high forehead, you need it there too. You need lip conditioner for dry lips.

A new outfit or shirt or blouse is in order and shiny clean shoes. Choose NO wild patterns for your clothing.  Crisp clean uniforms. The camera picks up everything…dry flaky skin, a crease in clothes, a hair needing a haircut, a face without lipstick.

I often see people in photos and on TV with shiny faces, weather-beaten skin, poor clothing choices and hair out of place.  The interviewer looks impeccable, unlike  the guest who looks lackluster.

I recently got a phone call from a newspaper asking for a photo and permission to post a blog entry that I wrote in their newspaper.  Very unexpected... but I was ready.  I e-mailed as per her request  my photo  and the blog  file and it was great exposure for me!  My phone rang off the hook.

I was ready for some fabulous exposure. Are you?

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