Attitude and Spirit

Attitude and SpiritMy two most recent blogs explored the topics of honesty and accountability—key guideposts for living a life of conscious leadership. Today, I’d like to dwell on attitude and spirit.

As you read this, take a pulse on your own outlook today. Are you feeling generous, expansive, centered, confident, and self-assured in your dealings with staff and guests? Or are you feeling insecure, jealous, envious, petty, or angry toward those around you? Be honest with yourself: Are you seeing people as you are, not as they are? It’s a fact that what you are full of in the moment is what you will see in others in the moment. This goes for your team members, too, and how they come across to your guests.

Happiness comes from the inside, not from the outside. If you are always waiting for something on the outside to change so that life will get better, think again. This outlook thwarts the idea of taking responsibility for your own life because someone or something else can always be blamed. For the person with this outlook, even if something on the outside does change for the better, it is usually short-lived if the work hasn’t been done on the inside. Being self-directed is ultimately more powerful and satisfying than being other-directed, an orientation that results in giving your power, your selfness, away.

Be mindful of this reality and see how it affects your day and those with whom you interact. It is part of the ongoing quest to be as good as you can be on the inside. Do the work and watch the goodness shine through on the outside.