Awaken the passion within your organization

Passion is the combustion of energy, focus and emotion all coming together to power people. Passion is the fuel of life. It is not in some of us…it is in all of us. Some of us just haven’t tapped into our passion. As leaders we must awaken the passion of our people and hence within the organizations we lead.

You cannot teach passion…you can only awaken it. As a leader you must demonstrate and inspire passion if you truly want to tap into it in others. To have passion you must feel it. To have passion you must live life with passion.

As leader awakening passion in your organization is like getting 100 miles out of a gallon of gas. So go, fill up!

Here are 10 ways to awaken passion in your organization:

  1. Be fanatical about engaging your people and customers. They are your voice and when they speak about the organization with passion they will be the loudest voice your marketing efforts will ever have.
  2. Get people fired up about your vision and their role in bringing it to life. Get people passionate about the purpose of their work and its impact on the higher purpose of your business.
  3. Embrace change as progress. Organizations that proactively evolve/change make constant and never-ending progress.
  4. Make work fun. Fun is not a committee. People who are having fun have more energy, and energy triggers emotion.
  5. Light the fire within your people, not beneath them.
  6. Beware of your own head trash--your head trash can leave imprints on others.
  7. Skip looking back. What you focus on is what they focus on. Look towards where you want to go; to the organization’s compelling future and potential.
  8. Be fanatical about strategies and flexible around tactical execution.
  9. Remove the barriers to progress. Ask what will slow them down and what they need to move smarter.
  10. Leverage results:
    a. What gets rewarded gets done.
    b. What gets measured gets improved.
    c. What gets appreciated gets attention.


Renie Cavallari is the CEO and chief inspirational officer of Aspire, an international strategic marketing and training company positioning organizations to generate increased revenues. Contact her at (602) 392-0700 or [email protected]. For more information on how to strengthen your organization and increase revenues through improving your leadership team check out


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