The Beauty going green!

Green what does it mean to you and your business? Does your spa or team practice any?

It’s a trend that’s here to stay and not going away.  While we can’t do everything all at once we can start and take baby steps.

Here is what I have learned works and what we practice in my business:

  • Change your retail bags from plastic to paper bags.  Did you know plastic bags remain in the landfill for years?

  • Offer your clients a biodegradable tote that they can refill and use every time they stock up on retail from your spa.

  • Order labels for merchandising on your bags, mail and more from a company that makes biodegradable craft ones.  This is cheaper then having them screen-printed as well.  S & K Label makes a variety of them and in various sizes.

  • In your makeup department, offer refills on loose powder and foundation and refill the client’s containers when possible.

  • Run errands for your business by sections of town. Don’t drive from one side of town to another and then back again.  It saves money, time and gas.

  • Use cloth instead of paper products or paper towels where possible.  Use cloth napkins instead of paper when serving a day of beauty meal or a decadent treat.

  • Use organic or recycled notepaper when writing notes, newsletters or postcards to your clients.

  • After a makeup session give the clients the disposable mascara wand, lip brush, kabuki brush, makeup sponge and the like.  Crown Brushes has a wide array available at reasonable prices.  This way your clients can enjoy them at home and will think of you too.

  • Buy and use organic fruits and veggies in meals or in your fresh treatments.

  • Say no to Styrofoam cups or plastic chinaware.  Stock up on recycled, organic and biodegradable.  Better yet, go to an antique store, which have precious and pretty teacups, plates, and more.  Or visit a restaurant supply for real cups, glasses and silverware.  Serve wine in real glasses.

  • Serve organic wine, milk or juices from time to time.  They don’t always cost more.

  • Change the light bulbs in all areas with the smart light bulbs.

  • Buy and stock products in your retail mix that contain no aerosol cans.  Try pump sprays instead where possible.

  • Wash your linens and towels in detergents free of added chemicals.

  • Choose a cosmetic line that has minimal packaging and or one that is biodegradable.  Avoid lines with excessive packaging and wrappings.

  • Wash your makeup brushes and tools with  mild, phosphate-free cleansers.

  • Decorate your place with fresh herbs as potted plants and or flowers and organic flowers.

  • Use organic or soy base candles.

  • Offer an array of vegan friendly or bamboo brushes.  Brushes by Karen has a nice selection our clients love.

  • Offer water by the glass from covered pitchers filled with slices of lemons, limes and oranges and frozen grapes.

  • If a client has a bottle of water and they happen to leave it at your place…don’t throw it away.  Do what we do.  We water a plant with it.  Don’t waste that precious water, please.

  • Wash dishes and other utensils with a plug in the sink. Don’t run water down the drain unnecessarily.

  • Teach your clients how they can use powder papers as a face powder to go instead of a plastic compact that lays in the landfill for years and years.  No mirror, no puff, no thick plastic…they are our biggest seller.

  • DONATE if you have any clothes you don’t use any more.  Offer it top Goodwill or to a client in need.  Dress for Success is a wonderful cause.  Have an event at your place collecting these donations and giving the client $5.00 OR $10.00 off their next service.  Giving feels good, doesn’t it?

  • Get signs made that say you care and are going green one day at a time.  Say it in your own words, but have them professionally printed.  Place them in an attractive frame and place in an area everyone will see.  Our guests love our sign called GREEN & Gorgeous Beauty.  This retail area is just for the products that are green-friendly organic, natural and more.

Clients will start seeing and feeling the love that you have for them and Mother Earth, I promise.

Do you have any ideas to share with me? I’d love to hear from you.