Bryan Durocher's Global Spa Trends

By Brian Durocher


  • Men - The number of men visiting spas is up 25-30%-this equals the numbers for men having plastic surgery.
  • The Next Growth Opportunities in Nutritional Supplements - Savvy manufacturers will seek to market new supplement formats (beyond pills) and we will continue to see the proliferation of condition specific supplements and the clinical science to back them.
  • Premium Personal Care - The growing market for natural and organic personal care products join forces with an increasing number of consumers seeking premium personal care products and benefits beyond their traditional use.
  • Ingredients - General
    • Natural products are all the rage on the spa menu - aloe vera, lime, coconut, mint, cucumber, ginger, papaya, lemongrass, coffee and even chocolate. This leads into the trend toward mind/body wellness.
    • Ingredient/Nutrient Drivers - 2006 will see the continued propagation of specific ingredient/nutrient platform drivers across food/beverage and supplements, including, for example, omega-3, protein, gluten-free, low sodium, pro-biotics, and others
    • Consumers of naturals and organics are looking for a more sophisticated connection to their purchases
    • The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) has stated that 28% of the general population desire natural personal care products fortified with functional ingredients.
  • Ingredients - Specific
    • Algae Extract - potent cosmetic active ingredients that make it possible to create biologically active polysaccharides that demonstrate effectiveness in protecting microcapillary integrity.
    • Emu Oil - reported as useful in transdermal delivery applications, data suggests that the delivery of nutrients by emu oil might be greater than other delivery systems.
    • Marula Oil - also known as "the wonder oil," marula oil is extracted from the seed kernels of the golden fruit of the marula tree. A rich source of oleic acid-which helps in preserving the health of the skin and in minimizing moisture
    • Monk's Pepper - berries from the monk's pepper shrub-also known as the chaste tree from the Mediterranean region-are said to contain an endorphin-based ingredient that returns natural ingredients to the happy toiletry concept. In natural medicine practice, this berry has been used for centuries to regulate women's menstrual cycles and to relieve PMS, which supports the endorphin statements. It also is suggested that this berry stimulates cell growth.
    • Rooibos Extract - a quote about rooibos extract from one industry source offers an impressive claim: "New spa treatments for anti-aging use rooibos extract from South African red bush that has powerful antioxidant ingredients-50 times more effective than green tea."
    • Seabuckthorn Oil - appears to be an ideal ingredient for skin care. Derived from a wild bush that grows in poor arid soils, such as those found in the Gobi Desert, Tibetan and Mongolia. Seabuckthorn oil traditionally has been used in wound healing and is said to counter the effects of sun damage. The oil is processed from seeds and berries, and is the best-known source for a bevy of vitamins, including vitamins C and E, as well as beta-carotene. It also contains essential fatty acids; amino acids; flavonoids; and omega-3, -6 and -9, as well as more potassium than sodium. The high content of its fatty acids is important to the claim that it can restore skin tissue. This ingredient is useful in anti-aging and sun care products.
    • Tomato Extract - new active ingredients are being derived from colorless carotenoids in These colorless carotenoids are said to have antioxidant, UV-protective, anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic properties.
  • Watch List
    • Delivery Systems - Lancôme has introduced its Platinéum Hydroxy(a)-Calcium complex with a delivery system that includes cyclodextrins containing a bioassimilable-or easily absorbed-form of calcium, ginseng and yeast extract to reach targeted areas of the skin. Another form involves inducing microchannels into the skin for enhanced delivery of naturals. (Bryan wonders about the regulatory effects of molecules getting smaller and penetrating below the epidermis.)
    • Terms such as "holistic," "chi," "increased skin energy" and "euphorialike feelings" are new buzzwords in products and raw materials today. Therefore, along with the physical benefits of a product, consumers can expect psychological ones, as well.
  • Treatments
    • Body Treatments
    • Indigenous Signature Treatments
    • LED Treatments
    • Personal Skincare Devices (going to be BIG!)
    • Non Invasive Treatment