Check List of Marketing Communications Strategies

Custom Programs: New mothers, weight loss program, smoking programs

Concierge Associations: Give commission to concierge for spa referrals

Advertising: Especially to lifestyle and women's publications

Promotions: Ex: Couples week, Mother's Day or gift certificates for birthdays and holidays

Business Incentive Firms: Contact these companies who offer their Fortune 500 clients spa stays as an incentive for sales achievement and management perks

Direct Contact and Business Presentation: Large companies could be contacted and presentations made to senior executives responsible for creating programs for their employees

Direct Mail Program: Purchase mailing list based on defined demographics and leads developed through advertising and networking with related industries.

Media/ Celebrity Trade-Out: Offer frequent trades with editors and magazine writers in exchange for products, or spa treatments

TV & Radio Reviews: Offer complimentary massages to staff and explain treatments and services

Referral and Customer Loyalty Programs: Offer special discounts on future spa visits for each new client that is referred.  A repeat guest can earn a free spa treatment

Press Kit & Marketing Materials: Prepare a press kit and press releases during the pre-opening phase of the .  Corporate travel incentive firms, fitness clubs, private industry, concierge groups, hotels and are mailed in response to prospective guest inquiries.  Information on location, services, products, spas, etc..  Press releases, media campaign, collateral material layout and production schedules

General Market Brochure: Feature the specific services and products offered.  Logo and identity graphics should also include letterhead, envelopes, business cards, reservation package press kit insets, newsletters, special events announcements, etc..

Newsletter: Newsletter which will feature upcoming events promotions, specials, etc..

Follow-up Telephone Calls: Each client of the spa will receive a telephone call shortly after their visit to the spa.

Client Profile Records: Computer data sheets on all clients and prospective clients for the spa will be maintained.