Continuing Education 'Self-Propelled' Professionals are a Businesses Best Asset

I've heard it said that a truly motivated, forward-thinking business professional spends an average of 10 - 15 hours each month on continuing education.  Over a 12 month period, that equates to 120 - 180 hours of boosting your knowledge base through:  1)  Seminars, webinars and trade show presentations; 2)  Participating in advanced courses of study; 3)  Reading, internet research and data collection; 4)  Car audio recordings and videos; and  5) Your choice of any of the mind-expanding resources that are out there and available to you. How's it looking so far?

Personal growth always translates into a business asset

Those who consider education and self development as a top priority in their careers are often more confident; demonstrate greater potential; obtain higher salaries; and experience deeper rewards in both their business and personal lives.  When you take initiative, you are taking control.  When you are in control, you are afforded more opportunities.  Well planned, decisive action on your part will always beat a spontaneous, reactive approach. 

If you understand first that business is a competition no matter what level you are at, you will also understand the importance of always having targets and goals.  First moves and head starts allow you to reach your targets and goals at a faster pace in order to establish new ones.  Education speeds up your mind's momentum and that momentum is what determines your course.  A well educated professional is able to develop personal strengths and then align those strengths with newly surfacing demands.  They extract hidden opportunities from the marketplace that gain them slender, steady advantages for more profitable outcomes. 

Know your target AND their hot pursuits

Who is your target?  It might be a client; a potential employee; or a future employer.  Whomever your target is, if you really want to win them, you must know their toughest challenges and primary goals, in other words, their "hot pursuits".  Once you know what those are, you can develop your unique advantage and market it specifically and graphically as the solution to those hot pursuits.  Continuing education and deliberate self development are the two best ways to get noticed and rise above mediocrity into the upper echelon of quality spa professionals.  It's a proven strategy no matter what line of profession you are in, start with something, and turn it into something bigger (and better).   We are surrounded by hidden, untapped opportunities in this industry.  Why not position yourself to enjoy them by expanding and diversifying your talents?   

And perhaps the greatest bonuses that come with education, are the soaring feeling of reassurance; and sense of camaraderie ...things we all look for every day.

As you are fed with knowledge, not surprisingly, when opportunity is at the door, you will be the one in the driver's seat.  It's all about supply and demand, and when you hold the solutions to answer to the demands of your target client; target employee; or target employer, the outcome will always be turned to your advantage.  So, perhaps your strategy will be to attract more opportunities by packaging yourself not only as a resource, but as a solution. 

By Leslie Lyon, Spas2B