Creative Custom Content – Get Ready for the Holidays NOW!

Autumn is the season of change, the time when we set goals critical to finishing the year strong and transition from lotions into creams as the weather gets colder. Your community will stall over the summer as people spend more time outside and on vacation and less time on Facebook and in front of their computers. This is a great opportunity for you to fine tune your content and implement a strategy for the last quarter of the year.

Where are we focusing our efforts? Facebook. With over 901 million people, 450 million mobile users and the most engaged and active community online, we have to create content that will educate and inspire our community. Like a plant, your community requires nourishment and care to grow. Your content is the nourishment, your engagement is the care. What is a simple strategy to ignite our content driven strategy?

Pictures. Not just any pictures. Amazing pictures. Whether you take the photos on your iPhone, or hire a photographer, you need to feed your community a diet of amazing photos. Start with your Spa, move into your community and nature. Capture images that your clients will recognize and that will replicate with the experience you create at your Spa. Is that it?

Of Course Not! Your pictures are the song structure. Before sharing them, we have to include a pop melody, quotes. Google quotes from famous people that inspire you, represent your beliefs and will help your clients live the life they desire. You want the most popular and best quotes you can find (always give credit to who said the quote, credit is free and establishes your credibility as a resource). Incorporate these quotes into the images in a visually appealing fashion. This is a great opportunity to outsource the work to a graphic designer or give one of your employees a creative outlet.

The quote will be in your image as well as the status update or caption for the picture when you share it on Facebook. Normally I am against watermarking images, but a small tasteful watermark of your logo or a link to your social presence is appropriate.  If you make it to commercial people will not share your images (hear me now, believe me later). The higher quality your content is the more it will be shared. How many images do you need? One? Three? A Million?


Your community wants to be nourished regularly. Start with an achievable goal based on your time and budget. This may be one picture a month, one a week or eventually one every day. We are loading over 250 million images a day onto Facebook, you will not irritate your community by sharing too many pictures as long as you keep the quality of your content high. We love to look at pictures and we love to share pictures that say something better than we can say it ourselves. Create the foundation for a strong holiday season this winter, by lighting your community up with an engaging and highly shareable image campaign the autumn. Your social strategy for images begins…NOW!