Customer Service is the Key to Repeat Business

Traditionally, I have not liked the idea of Social Media as a customer service tool. The follow-up phone call is far better than tweeting someone or even emailing them. Despite my opinion, people are using social media tools such as FaceBook and Twitter to obtain access to customer service. Are you there? Are you listening? Are you responding?

A simple reply to a Tweet or reply to a comment on your FaceBook Page is the key to developing conversation using social media. This conversation is the cornerstone of customer service. Your spa must be engaged in dialogue with your customers if you want to extend the relationship. This communication online is the foundation that leads to a phone call giving you the opportunity to book their next visit.

Just like you say "hello" when the customer walks thru the door, or "thank you for coming" as they leave, extending the interaction with your clients is providing top level customer service. When your customers pull up your Twitter account on their phone and see you have been replying to other people, they may be inspired to ask you your opinion on the latest technology for skin treatment. When they look at your FaceBook Page and see conversation, they will know you are listening and it will be easier to write on your wall.

Is customer service important for your spa? Do you want repeat business? How about referrals from customers? If you haven't figured out a strategy for how you are going to use social media for your spa, start with customer service. Your personality and quality will shine thru as you publicly engage and interact with your clients. Social media is the lock and customer service is the key to repeat business, open the door and start growing revenue at your spa today.