Design of Back-of-House Facilities


  • Incorporated centrally near the treatment area
  • Staff lounge facilities a mix of men and women 
  • Provide a lavatory and shower if space permits and quarter-size lockers along one wall (# depends on number of providers)


  • Add attendant stations (8' x12') at entrance to each locker room 
  • Provide provisions for safe deposit boxes (.25-$1:00 each)
  • Provide desk with locked drawers, key board, bulletin board, telephone, music control and linen storage


  • Strategically place one or two inventory storage rooms
  • Number and location depends on space limitations and facility usage
  • Storage space should be accessible from men's and women's locker rooms, laundry and refuse areas


  • Provide direct access for laundry dispersal and retrieval
  • Provide a ramp into the laundry room through back of house passage
  • Provide for in house storage of a minimum of two (3' x 5') laundry carts
  • Provide for in house storage of clean linens and towels in a centrally located area.