Facebook is the ideal tool to drive revenue in 2013


Between holiday parties and last minute shopping, your clients are stressed and worn out. When your clients need you most, they have the least amount of time and cash to spend with you. Between work parties and visits from the family, it is easy to see why people are stretched to the limits of their sanity. This is the perfect time for your Spa to provide the sanctuary and light at the end of the tunnel. Facebook is the ideal tool to drive revenue in 2013 now, during the holidays. Below are 3 Tips for what you can do NOW, to make 2013 amazing!

  1. Create an Offer on Facebook - This is essentially a coupon that is emailed to anyone who accepts the offer. The offer MUST be promoted for it to be seen, Facebook realized this is a powerful tool for growth and real revenue, so they charge for it. Think big, "Buy a 60 minute massage for a friend and get a free massage for yourself (must be used by January 31, 2013)." Create the opportunity for people to Give and Receive during the holidays!
  2. Share More Content - especially pictures that inspire people to relax and enjoy the little moments in their day. Your Spa is a safe refuge from the craziness of the holidays, do not engage in constant selling, instead create peace and comfort for your clients.
  3. Events - This is the most powerful and under utilized tool on Facebook for Spas. Events can be "checked-in" to and people can be invited to them. If you have space in your calendar host a holiday fundraiser for your favorite non-profit. This creates community, fosters generosity and give people the opportunity to shop!!!

Remember, as Ernest Hemingway said, "Courage is grace under pressure."