Facebook - Put Your Spa Staff To Work!

How long are you going to wait for your staff to support your Spa's marketing on Facebook? Are you trying to prove that you can be the Spa that does not generate any income from Facebook? There are a few steps you can take today to kick start your Facebook strategy, are you ready?

  1. Start by getting your staff to encourage every single customer to "Like the Facebook Page." If everybody is talking about it, your customers will Like your Spa's Page. Your staff is the foundation your Facebook strategy is built on!
  2. Your staff MUST start encouraging your customers to write recommendations on your Facebook page (top right hand corner of the Page). This is the fastest and easiest way for your clients to help you grow you Facebook presence. Recommendations are promoted activity on Facebook, this means the activity will be seen by more of the friends of your customers!
  3. Get a demo of DemandForce - They have a simple Facebook application that will enable your customers to book appointments as they surf Facebook. Why let your clients forget to make an appointment? Make it easy for your clients to book appointments on Facebook!