Facebook - Quality and Quantity


Facebook has taken a huge step in demystifying the rules of engagement for advertising and promotion. Today, it is critical for your content to be the highest quality possible, truly reflecting your clients and inspiring your clients to engage with your status updates, pictures and videos. Facebook started showing us exactly how many people see our Posts and even whether it is people who Like our Page or connected to people who Like our Page. This roughly translates to 10% of the people who Like your Spa's Page. Before you cry foul and blame Facebook for not showing your Post to every single person who Likes your Page, think about why?


Facebook has over 1 Billion unique people using Facebook each month. This translates to a lot of status updates coming from your friends (the average is still 135 connections) as well as updates from Pages you Like. If you log in a few times a day and check your newsfeed, you have a chance at seeing content from everybody, as you login less frequently, you will miss more and more updates from your network. Facebook recognized this and gave us the ability to have our content stay in the newsfeed for longer periods of time, essentially skipping the updates that would normally push your content down in the timeline. You can Promote your Post, for as little as $5-$10 depending on how many people you want to reach. Keep in mind these people already Like your Page and want to see your content!


So is Facebook now a Pay to Play system? No!!! You can take that 10% reach and extend it to 20-25% by creating and sharing great content. Keep it simple and focus on educational content as well as controversial issues you know your clients are interested in. If one client wants to know whether a treatment is safe, others are wondering also! Quality content will be Liked, Commented on and Shared on Facebook, extending the reach of your content. As you develop better content for your Spa, start experimenting with promoting some of the content so you reach a larger portion of your community. Facebook is still a giant experiment, be willing to take a risk!


We are covering topics like the above at Spa Exec in Seattle next week. From specific strategies for Spas to grow and engage your clients to tips to boost holiday sales and foot traffic using your Facebook Page. See you in Seattle!