Facebook Tip - Make sure your Spa's Facebook Page is a PLACE

Is your Spa's Facebook Page a Place? The easiest way to check is navigate to your Spa's Facebook Page, click on info on the left side and see if a Bing Map appears. If there isn't a Bing Map, the odds are very good your Spa's Facebook Page is not a Place. This explains why people can not check-in to your Page/Business (or check into a junk Page), the answer is very simple. You must change the type of Page to be a Local Business. When you change this setting (under Edit Page – Basic Information, Category – Local Business and PlaceType of Page), 2 “magical” things happen.

1)   Check-ins become enabled on your Page. Now you can launch your campaign to drive engagement and interaction with your Page. Whether it is a Deal (you must check-in to claim a deal) and people are now encouraged to check-in at your Stopping Point (a place where people talk with you and want something from you) or you are igniting a campaign to have your Spa's staff Check-In with clients/customers, This is one of the most powerful features on Facebook, NIKE – Just Do It!!!

2)   Recommendations – As soon as your Page becomes a Place – you can start a campaign to get Recommendations on your Page (note the box in the upper right). Your goal for 2012 is to get at least one per week. If someone publishes the recommendation it hits their newsfeed promoting your business! Encourage people to keep them short and reward people on the spot if they write a recommendation on your Page, they are referring their friends to your business!!!

What else is hot? Pictures. Pictures are going to be hot all year long on Facebook. If you haven't invested in an iPhone 4s or a reasonably priced camera to take photos of your staff and clients, then you have not been reading my posts on social media! There is a lot of opportunity to be a leader in the Spa market for social media marketing. The leaders will generate profits this year, the rest of the Spas will generate excuses as to why they missed their numbers. Be a leader, get social today!!!