FaceBook: What Are You Waiting For?


Last year you had a nice list of excuses ranging from I don’t have time for Facebook to I am not a social butterfly to I don’t care what you had for breakfast. What is your excuse for the low revenue numbers you posted for your Spa? The economy was weak, people aren’t spending money on luxuries, we didn’t do a deal on Groupon? Stop making excuses and start doing the dirty work for your Spa – you have to market before you can sell.

1) The average number of friends on Facebook is 130 – do you really want to be below average? You work in a business and industry where you engage with people all day long. Extend that relationship to Facebook. Your goal for 2012 is to have at least 1,000 friends. You need to understand how Facebook works on a personal level before you are ever going to get it on a professional level. Start with your staff, then invite every single client and customer to be your friend. Be Above Average.

2) On your Personal Page, be personal, stop lurking and start engaging. The truth is you are boring. Your status updates do not tell us anything about your character, what you believe in and what you are passionate about.  Start sharing and we will start caring. Make it easy for us to Like your updates and Comment on your pictures and Share your shameless promotion. If we get to know you it will be a lot harder to go to a different Spa for services, because you will really be our friend and we will want you to see you, say hi and get a facial.

3)  On your Business Page, follow the plan for 2012 – get people Checking In (reward people for coming in to your Spa), get Recommendations (referrals are what drive your business) and provide top level educational content (give people a reason to Like your Page – they will look younger and feel better every day). Stop selling and really start educating. Put all of the years of knowledge and training about wellness and beauty to work! Share knowledge and it will be easy for people to Share those updates with their friends.  Stagger your Posts, meaning after you Post on your business Page, wait a day or 2 and then Share that Post on your personal Page (so you don’t punish the people who are your friends and Like your Page by clogging their newsfeed).

These are basic idea that will ignite your Facebook presence in 2012. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get to really know your clients and have the impact on their lives that motivated you to work in Spa, Health and Beauty. You have the power to touch peoples’ lives, Facebook will enable you to reach your potential and communicate with more people in less time. If this article inspires your strategy for social media in any way, share it on Facebook or Tweet it!