Farm-to-Spa Movement

The farm-to-table movement has inspired a new movement called “farm-to-spa” wherein spas use locally sourced ingredients for their spa treatments. But why should be you be part of this growing movement? Here are three good reasons:

1. Sourcing locally ensures longer shelf-life of treatment ingredients.

In the “Farm-to-Spa Movement: Building Partnerships with Local Farmers” article that appeared in the March/April 2013 issue of Pulse magazine, Sundara Inn & Spa Communications Manager Carla Minskey says, when sourcing ingredients for the spa’s treatments, they constantly ask themselves: “What can we source within 60 miles?”

“We reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally and get a longer shelf-life from the produce because it’s not traveling great distances to get to Sundara,” she says. Apart from sourcing its ingredients from a community-supported agriculture farm, the spa also manages to maintain its ingredients’ freshness by harvesting from its own organic herb and vegetable garden.  

2. Local ingredients can create an authentic and healthy spa experience for guests.

Using local ingredients unique to the region or community is a great way to give guests an authentic spa experience. “We believe there is a benefit in being able to share the story with our guests, which adds to the authenticity of their experience and gives them food-for-thought to incorporate locally produced ingredients in their menu at home.” Minskey says.

Spas are able to appeal to an increasingly popular group of individuals looking for a more local approach to their spa treatments.  

 “Our guests benefit from experiencing natural, organic, and local products in a way they never thought of before. The treatments are experiential and have become a ‘wow’ factor,” says Jessica Timberlake, spa director at The Spa at Laguna Cliffs Resort, which offers facials that use avocados and honey.

3. Buying local supports the local community and farmers.

For The Spa at Sea Island which uses local honey for its special body treatment, sourcing locally helps to provide jobs to local farmers. “Our partnerships not only benefit our guests and members, but also help keep local growers in business,” says Director of Spa, Fitness & Salon Donna Mastrianni.