Fire Your Employees who are not on FaceBook and LinkedIn!!!

What? Have I gone CRAZY? Did I really just say "FIRE YOUR EMPLOYEES WHO ARE NOT ON FACEBOOK AND LINKEDIN!!!" Yes! They are money pits, causing you bleed green (that's code for cash). What? You need to understand that if your employees are not contributing to your social marketing efforts, then you are losing potential revenue. How, the employees at your closest competitor are friending your clients and educating your clients, it is only a matter of time before they are no longer your clients. What can you do about this? Train your staff and get them using FaceBook to develop relationships and grow your client base!

I believe in Organic Growth. What does that mean in the context of Social Media? Your employees are an extension of your marketing plan, every member of your team from the CEO to the janitor can positively contribute to the growth of your network. Starting with this group of people is the best way to achieve Organic Growth.

How Can Your Employees Contribute to the Growth of YOUR Spa's Social Presence?

1) Share your Business Page on FaceBook - Yes, you do need a solid foundation of friends and friends of friends to grow your network and drive traffic to your website.

2) If you are connected to all of your employees on LinkedIn and they all have connections, then your network is stronger and more valuable. Remember, LinkedIn limits your search by your 1st, 2nd & 3rd  degrees of connectivity, That means your staff can and will positively improve the quality of your search on linkedIn.

3) Last but not least, are you listening? Do you know whether your employees are saying good things or bad things about your Spa? Are they complaining publicly after giving a massage to a hairy mountain man ? Did they suggest your Spa to their friends looking for a quick romantic get-away? How will you know if you aren't connected and listening?

Are you hiring? Have you checked out potential employees on FaceBook and LinkedIn? Are these potential employees going to help you grow revenue at your Spa?  Offer your current and future employees training on how to use FaceBook and LinkedIn to help grow revenue at your Spa. If they do not get on board, lose the dead weight!!! The future of your Spa depends upon the foundation you are building. If you want your Spa to stay relevant, you must integrate your employees into your social media strategy. Whatever you do, revise your employee handbook to reflect the social media marketing strategy  you are implementing. Then start FIRING!!!