Five Steps to Drive Successful Wealth Metrics

Five Steps to Drive Successful Wealth MetricsIf you believe your personal or business net worth defines your success, then your goals and behaviour’s will need to be financially driven in order for you to feel successful. If you believe the value you provide to clients defines your success, then your goals and behaviour’s will need to be more value-driven. Ideally, you will be able to achieve a satisfying level of both, but first, you must ask yourself: What is the formula I will use to accomplish this? Here are five steps to help you accomplish successful wealth metrics and business goals.

Your Personal Brand

We all want to do business with people we trust and admire, and being that your spa business and career are inescapably tied to your personal brand, it’s important to manage how people perceive you. First, you must be clear yourself—what is it that you want people to ‘get’ from you? Be true to yourself, and your beliefs will naturally align with the perceptions you want people to have of you. With your deliberate and ongoing development of complementing behaviour’s, your personal brand will gradually reveal itself. For example, you may want to be viewed as an industry expert, an intelligent resource, and an influential leader. Determine exactly what it will take for people to ‘get’ that these are your qualities, and then go about doing it.

Your ‘Success Metrics’

Just as important as how you are perceived is identifying what success means to you personally. Because the perceptions of others will help to facilitate our success, ask yourself:  What do I need to accomplish to make me feel successful? The fulfillment of these personal ‘success metrics’ is what allows you to enjoy the feeling of success. You may define your success by your number of keynote and platform speaking engagements, industry awards, media interviews, published articles, year over year sales increase, number of website and social network site following, number of referrals, recommendations, and endorsements you have received within a certain period of time, or your gross or net profit. Decide exactly what it will take for you to feel successful, and then go about achieving it.

They Are Interwoven

Your personal brand and your success metrics are woven tightly together and can only be defined by the person who is defining them—you. In other words, the way you choose to be perceived and what makes you feel successful are the only two decisions that matter. Those who have defined their personal brand and success metrics know that they themselves are their company’s most influential spokesperson, self-marketer, and powerful asset, and are capable of creating a rewarding and real life personal success story with their diligent management of the two. They understand that others can relate to them personally, not to their company, and they work to that end every day.You can choose to become known as humble, transparent, and generous with your knowledge, and make a lot of money because of, or not much money because of it. Or, you can personally brand yourself based on your status, influence, and power, and once again, become wealthy, or maybe not.It’s fair to expect an income, but how high should wealth be on your list of success metrics? Often the wealth metric correlates better in certain industries and positions, than it does in others, so it’s important to keep that metric in perspective, depending on your profession and chosen career path.

The Wealth Metric

Many spa owners and industry professionals have personal brands and success metrics that represent healing, education, empowerment, and servitude, and they do an excellent job at fulfilling them. At the same time, however, they hope to see certain levels of wealth accompanying their talents. But our industry is not known for yielding a high wealth metric. It is difficult to achieve and maintain. Therefore, many spa industry professionals are unfortunately left feeling unsuccessful because of it.None of us can assume wealth, or any metric for that matter, unless we work at manifesting it. If you are extraordinary at what you do, but you feel unsuccessful because of the absence of wealth, what can be done?  This may mean it’s time to add wealth to your list of success metrics and explore new beliefs and business savvy behaviours that will allow you to fulfill it. As you behave your way to accomplishing your new wealth metric, your personal brand and the way you are perceived will change, and if handled methodically, your wealth will increase.This deliberate re-design of your success metrics might mean that you will now make it a practice to request rewards that are more in line with what you know you are worth, in whichever field you specialize. Examples might include: your spa service wage; content licensing and scales of usage fees, speaking fees, training fees, advertising fees, spa service prices, sponsorships, or bartering agreements. It may not all go your way, but developing your personal compensation model and sticking to it, goes hand-in-hand with achieving your wealth metric.

The Lack of Wealth

Wealth and power have historically been dominant success metrics. But now that we know our health and happiness can be depleted with their dominance, has that changed our definition of success?Is it fair for you to consider yourself successful if you continue to have trouble making ends meet?  I believe, yes, it most certainly is, but only if your metrics say it is. Remember, they have been defined by you. For many, enjoying what you do is a primary success metric, and working with like-minded professionals makes you happy at the end of the day. With that, my hope is that you are allowing yourself to feel successful because of it. If you are making the most of what you have, then you enjoy a fulfilling family life and a close circle of friends. You also value yourself and bring value to others, you are at peace with your decisions, and what flows naturally from there is considered success by most anyone’s standards, but how about your standards?