Following Up on Your Networking Event - Using Social Media

Did you go to IECSC in New York? Maybe a Spa Exec event? What did you do with the stack of business cards when you got home? Is sending an email the best way to follow-up with these contacts? No!!!

You have the best research tools ever available, right in front of you. Take your pile of business cards and start looking people up one by one on LinkedIn. If you find someone, decide if you want to connect with them and continue to develop that relationship. Start a separate pile for people you want to look up on FaceBook. It may not be appropriate to connect with people on FaceBook, you have to evaluate whether it would be strange or a good thing. If they gave you their business card, that is an invitation to connect on LinkedIn!!!

When should you do this? Ideally within 24 hours of meeting the person. It has been a few weeks, is the opportunity blown? No!!! It is appropriate to personalize the invitation at this point and remind them how you met. The key is to start connecting with more people today. You have the "keys" to financial success right in front of you, what are you waiting for?


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