The Four Key Personalities of Gifting Consumers

A special feature in Unity Marketing's Gifting Report 2006 is a psychographic profile of the four key personalities of gifting consumers. These include:

  1. Emotional Ethel/Ed is the most highly involved gift giver and shopper.  This personality is about equally divided between men and women, thus the two names.  Ethel/Ed loves the entire process of gift giving and shopping.  This personality spends the most buying gifts.
  2. Practical Patty is a planner in every aspect of her life; gift shopping is no exception.  She is 'making her list and checking it twice' early in the shopping season and is the type of gift shopper many of us envy because she has finished all her Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.  Patty spends more than average when buying gifts.
  3. Gift-Challenged Charlie wants to give gifts and feels a strong responsibility to give gifts, but the entire gift-giving and shopping process doesn't come easy to him.  Charlie is challenged when it comes to shopping for gifts and selecting the right item.  He spends significantly less than average on gifts.
  4. Just-in-Time Justin is a fairly normative gift purchaser who spends just about the average on his gift purchases.  He likes to shop for gifts, feels gifting is important in his life and knows what kind of gifts he wants to give, unlike Gift-Challenged Charlie.  What is distinctive about Justin is that he waits and waits to do his gift shopping, so for him gift shopping is always about doing it at the last minute.  About 60 percent of Justins are men, but that leaves a fairly large 40 percent of the personality who are actually Justines. 

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