Four Steps to Rejuvenate your Skin

After a long stressful year, your neglected skin is screaming for help. And according to Rena Revivo, a top natural skincare expert and founder of Spa De Soleil, the wrong thing to do is to cover up those complexion problems with thick layers of foundation and concealer. With just a few easy steps, it’s possible to beautify even the most troubled skin without makeup. “The key to a makeup-less makeover is knowing how to heal and nourish the skin with natural ingredients rather than trying to hide the skin’s imperfections under heavy makeup,” says Revivo. Here are four steps to help rejuvenate your skin and prepare for the new year. 

1. Cleanse.Your face is exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis. The first step in natural complexion care is to wash away these toxins as well as any accumulated dirt, oil, and makeup residue.

2. Renew. Gently remove dead skin to promote the production of healthy skin cells and to create a radiant and youthful glow for your complexion. 

3. Nourish. Bring back the natural glow to your skin using a special blend of important nutrients, which help rebuild collagen, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, neutralize free radicals, and restore moisture.

4. Hydrate. Complete the makeover by hydrating and replenishing the skin with essential vitamins, while giving it a hint of color with a tinted moisturizer, which is a great alternative to foundation. 

“This four-step makeup-less makeover program not only produces immediate noticeable results, but over time it will help restore the complexion to its full natural radiance and beauty,” says Revivo.