General Observations on Spa Design

Interior design should provide a residential not institutional feeling
A simple yet effective zone keying system should be installed
A proper "signage" system should be installed for easy traffic flow

All treatment areas should be as sound proof as possible


Non-corrosive materials should be used in all high moisture areas
(Vents, ducts, drains, ceiling & wall cover)

Easy to clean moisture resistant materials should be used in all high moisture areas

Consider using local materials and integrating cultural and artistic traditions
Locker / Changing / Vanity Area

Provide for appropriate number of half size lockers (two per full size locker banks) on each side

Provide a separate alcove with third-size lockers (two per full size locker banks) for members on each side

Utilize movable benches or Ottomans on casters for seating by lockers

Provide wall mounted soap, shampoo & conditioner dispensers in showers

Provide make-up lights around vanity mirrors on women's side

Provide wall mounted magnified shaving mirrors at vanity on men's side

Provide wall mounted hair dryer units at vanities on both sides

Provide for electrical outlets above vanities

Flooring in locker and changing area should be carpeted, all other areas tiled

Locker Room Wet Area

Accommodate Sauna, Steam, Whirlpool and Cold Pool (if applicable)

Provide lounge with water proof seating near each wet area

Provide clothing hooks throughout area

Flooring should be non-slip easily cleanable tile
Provide for non-corrosive ventilation ducts in this area

Outflow of HVAC should be provided for 25 air changes per hour

Provide for ozone water purification system for whirlpools. (No smell!)

Provide a self service beverage service station with sink, counter, storage cabinet, mini-fridge & ice machine

Provide for clean and soiled linen storage.