Go Go Spa Gadget

Summer is a busy time for spas and clients alike thanks to vacations. It also seems to be a season of new technology and gadgets, which help clients maintain their results between spa visits. We talked to Paola Perin, director of spa at Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui (HI), for her take on incorporating one of these new devices, NuFace Mini.


How does the Mini fit into the existing NuFace collection for a spa?

“It's a great new idea and inclusion to the existing collection because it is so compact and affordable, and as with the rest of the line, the value is totally there given the results it produces.”

“Guests want to enhance their results after having a facial or any other form of facial treatment, so knowing they have better control over getting them makes it even more desirable if it’s something they can do with ease, anytime, anywhere. Most of our guests in the spa are from within the resort and travel a lot. This is a perfect fit for fast paced individuals (traveling, work, or otherwise) or for those who wish to keep up their regime while on vacation!”


What are the added benefits of the Mini for you as a spa director?

 “It’s a good introduction for guests who have not reached beyond skincare products to enhance their natural beauty. This piece of technology is results driven yet noninvasive and affordable.


How can the Mini be incorporated in a spa setting?

“We love giving our guests complimentary samplers of the technology as part of their facial treatment. A quick eye treatment for example shows them that the device not only looks fancy but the results are really true to the word. We let the equipment do the selling.”

“Clients realize that getting results like that is not something you can achieve from just one facial or at home with expensive skincare products. The next step would be to see a medical spa where the price tag is much higher. This is a perfect in-between with no downtime.”


What new devices are you adding to your retail area this summer?


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