Holiday Parties - 5 Tips to Build Your Network One Drink At a Time

Holiday Parties are an amazing opportunity for you to build your network on Facebook and LinkedIn. As the party season officially begins, use the list below to ignite your network!

  1. Look up people you anticipate seeing, whether it is at the Thanksgiving table or at the company party and see if you are connected to them. If you do not connect to them immediately, make sure you follow the 24 Hour Rule and connect with them immediately after seeing them at the party. Ideally, you will whip out your iPhone and connect with them right there on the spot on your Facebook and/or LinkedIn mobile app!
  2. Drink and Be Merry, but avoid drinking too much alcohol (what happened in Vegas is staying in Vegas). More business is lost by inappropriate behavior at holiday parties than you really want to know. That said, you should have a drink or 3! If you don't drink alcohol, make sure you have a fun drink (my favorite is the Buck Rodgers - Soda Water, Lime, Cranberry ). More people connect over what you are drinking than you can imagine, personally, I love red wine!
  3. Gift Generously. Whether it is your clients, your staff, your boss or a friend's dinner party. Give gifts that say "I am thinking about you." Giving a 20% coupon is not a gift, it is a sale! This is a great time to honor our industry and share the joy and benefits of being in the Spa industry. Whether you are gifting amazing lotions or make-up you carry at the Spa or treatments from facials to hot stone massages, empower your community to relax and enjoy the holidays. Your friendship is a gift, make sure people remember you!
  4. Eat healthy, workout frequently. If you are going to a lot of parties this season, you do not want to wind up as a lump who can not fit into any of their clothing in January. When you are not partying, eat clean and detox at the gym.  The gym is an amazing place to connect with people, every time you hit the gym - set the goal of adding a new connection! Reward yourself for exercising during the holidays with a massage at your Spa!
  5. Be Positive. The holidays are different for everybody. Some people get stressed and will do their best to ruin your day, consistently. Find a way to smile and "spread the love." Whether it is making a positive status update on your Facebook Page or in your Status on LinkedIn or maybe Sharing the Status update from someone you care about. This is a great time of the year and positive energy is contagious, this is your time to shine!!!

Whatever you do this holiday season, smile and connect!!!