The horror...the horror...

Spending time on the sales floor is crucial to understanding employee behavior and habits. No matter how well trained an employee is, there is a tendency for entropy to set in: new habits form, new scripts and language creep in. Some of this "evolutionary behavior" actually improves your system for that person's use, making them more effective. Some of it may degrade the system you have in place. But you'll only know what's going on if you "inspect what you expect," and get out on the floor.

One of the most common sales-destroying habits is the use of "yes/no" questions when Extending the Invitation to a guest to reschedule or take home spa products. (Extending the Invitation is called "closing" in the crass, evil, non-experiential Real World.)

"Would you like to purchase any products today?" is a notoriously uninspiring Invitation, but it's easy, transactional, and I guarantee that someone in your spa is going to use it today. Be afraid, be very afraid. Not only does it contain a yes/no question, it actually has two: the guest is asked if they want to "purchase products", and, horrors, if they want to purchase them "today".

To better illustrate some of the most common revenue-prevention "horrors" seen in spas, we put together this quick, funny YouTube video, perfect for starting a coaching session or to kick off a meeting about sales. Every one of these scenes is a re-enactment of something we've personally experienced in spas (I think we've all encountered the massage therapist who thinks we'd like to hear about his or her plans to change careers, while receiving a massage from them!)

Some of the horrors are obvious and some are more subtle, and all can provoke a discussion with your team.

I hope you enjoy it--let me know what you think!